Reasons Why Online Helpdesk Solutions Are Important

Online Helpdesk Solutions

Customers’ satisfaction is an essential factor of a company’s success. When a firm’s buyers are contented with the way they are treated, the business grows, becomes more healthy and competitive. In other circumstances, you won’t be able to become a market maker – no matter how much time, money and effort you invest in it. In order to increase the customer’s satisfaction many companies employ online helpdesk software. The bpm’online platform offers customer support service agents a number of off-the-shelf tools, which can help them organize and prioritize clients’ requests, readdress tickets to other reps, group the issues according to their subjects, answer to the most frequent questions automatically, and so on.

Let us, for example, have a look at bpm’online – a cloud-based CRM platform with a number of customer service tools for both large and small businesses. This software is aimed at automation of routine daily tasks performed by the agents of customer departments, so that they would have extra free time for other tasks. Besides, bpm’online lets agents respond to buyers’ requests and complaints right then and there, which increases the level of customer’s satisfaction and moves the company forward.

Online Helpdesk in Solving Various Issues

The online helpdesk systems help the customer service agents identify the buyers’ needs and preferences. For this purpose, a company’s employees can organize and study the clients’ requests, complaints, questions, as well as their opinions about the products or services they’ve ordered. It is the most convenient way to disclose, which aspects of the given firm satisfy its clients, and which of them need to be polished.

The agent’s response to the client’s request depends mainly on the type of the issue. There are two of them:

  • Technical issues (for software developers and other organizations). They are concerned with the different aspects of the programs you sell. As a rule, such problems demand an enhanced trouble-shooting performed by a dedicated IT technician who knows the ropes and has a great experience in this sphere.
  • Nontechnical issues (for all businesses). They are concerned with sales, delivery, guarantee, refunding, and other aspects of trading. Besides, this group of issues includes the requests connected with the basic knowledge of the products and services offered by the company. The agents working with nontechnical issues do not need to be IT technicians – it is enough for them to know how to work with online helpdesk applications and be up to speed on the company’s processes.

Most businesses try to choose the platforms, which allow them handle both technical and non-technical issues. The best variant is to implement a single tool for all these problems, so that your team will not have to study the way multiple solutions operate and switchover to different tools.

Centralization of Customer Service

The platforms make client service departments effectively organized and centralized. Your employees won’t have any difficulties with choosing the agent to respond to certain ticket, searching the requests that demand a response, and so on. As for the company’s clients, they will receive immediate feedback from the support team whenever they call. All they need to know is the phone number or email address of your business – all the rest will be performed by the online helpdesk software and your agents.

When the customer management services are well organized and customized, you can control the department costs. Your reps will have only one place to operate instead of several work areas, which is very profitable in terms of financing. Moreover, you’ll be able to reduce the staff of the client service center and thus cut down wage costs. Using such software, your employees will be able to focus on the products or services offered, and devote more time to each client. Therefore, you can turn the company into a one-stop shop, where people easily get what they need in one place.

Online Helpdesk in Measuring Company’s Performance

One more advantage of such platforms is that they help businesses identify the quality of services they are providing. Look through the list of tools you have implemented: you can monitor the average income of the company, track clients’ requests, claims, and reviews, and perform a number of other operations. In order to find out whether your buyers are happy with the service provision, you can email the clients who have already ordered your products or services. One more way to obtain the necessary data is to conduct surveys. Looking through the clients’ feedbacks, you will easily identify, which aspects of your work play a key role in customer satisfaction.

Using online helpdesk software, you can track the number of complaints and clients’ questions. It is a good way to understand whether your customer service team efficiently perform their duties or whether you need to make radical changes in your work plan.

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